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The study of genealogy is a fascinating journey into history, travel, and the dynamic interconnection of the human population. Our ancestors were people - just like us - who were born, lived, married, moved (perhaps), had families, and passed on their legacies to future generations. Most of those stories are lost in the mists of the past. Some are not. This site is just a small attempt to document and perhaps add some dimension and life to a few of those people..

Probably the most striking aspect of growing a family tree is to discover where the branches came from. The United States, often described as the "melting pot of the world", has probably the most diverse population of any country in the world. As a starting point, it offers a rich opportunity to uncover in our American family histories the peoples and cultures of a myriad of countries. Who were they? Where did they come from? And how and why did they come HERE?

This line of the CHOLET family arrived in the United States in the early part of the 20th century directly from France, and is not related to any of the Cholet families in Canada. Added to that line was a family with a rich history in the United States (AYRES), going back to some of the earliest settlements in Massachusetts, and then to England. To that pairing have been added other branches and the families all have flourished. Today, new generations have branched out, some to yet other countries, and the cycle continues.

I would like to thank my cousin Gloria Odom Trommler for providing significant input to the Ayres family genealogy.

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